London (Weekdays)

The cast and production crew for a drama production in Studio 5
The cast and production crew for a drama production in Studio 5

Associated-Rediffusion Limited is the company which, under agreement with the Independent Television Authority, provides the television programmes in London from Monday to Friday.


Television House, Kingsway, London W.C.2.
HOLborn 7888
Norfolk House, Smallbrook Ringway, Birmingham 5.
MIDLAND 9151/2
Peter House, Oxford Street, Manchester 1.
CENTRAL 9867/8

    ITA      Channel   Vision     Sound    Opening Date   Population  ITA Homes
Transmitter          Frequency  Frequency                   000's       000's
                        Mc/s       Mc/s

Croydon         9    194.75675   191.266   22nd Sep 1955   12,910      3,023

John Spencer Wills, M.Inst.T. (Chairman); Sir Edwin S Herbert, KBE (Deputy Chairman); P Adorian, FCGI, MIEE (Managing Director); The RT Hon The Viscount Colville of Culross; JB Rickatson-Hatt; Sir Bracewell Smith, Bt, KCVO, LL.D, BSc.


General Manager: TM Brownrigg, CBE, DSO, RN (Rtd). principal officers: John McMillan (Controller of Programmes); Guy Paine (Controller of Advertisements); AW Groocock, FCIS (Secretary); CF Elms (Business Manager); Brian Begg (Publicity Controller); JT Davey, FCA (Chief Accountant); executives: Five Assistant Controllers of Programmes: Ray Dicks (Production and Programme Services); Cyril Francis (Planning); Guthrie Moir (Religious, Education, Features, Children); GCF Whitaker (Technical Operations); Milton Shulman (Film Acquisition, Special Assignments).

Religious Advisory Panel

Rev. Austen Williams; Father Michael Hollings Rev. Derrick Greeves.

Education Advisory Council

Chairman: Sir Ifor Evans, D.Lit., Provost, university College, London.

Schools Liaison Officer

John Mackay.

Submission of Scripts

Material required: 60- or 90-minute plays, written for the medium and suitable for “live” production, are in constant demand. Shorter plays, fantasy, costume pieces and plays with a sordid or distasteful theme are not required.

Completed dialogue scripts should be submitted and we cannot give consideration to synopses and/or treatments unless from writers whose work we already know. Requirements for series and serials, light entertainment material, children’s and feature programmes vary considerably from time to time and a preliminary letter is advised. There is little requirement for panel games and quizzes. Address drama scripts and related correspondence to the Head of Drama. Other material and correspondence to Script Services Section. Leaflet outlining requirements available on request.

Visits to Studios

A limited number of tickets are available to the public for admission to Light Entertainment and Quiz Shows performed at Wembley Studios. Application should be made in writing to the programme concerned, care of the Ticket Office. For example: “Take Your Pick”, Ticket Office, Associated-Rediffusion Limited, Television House, Kingsway, W.C.2. The minimum age is 15 years.


Enquiries about artistes and programmes should be addressed to Miss Eileen Sands at Television House.

Programme Journal

TV Times publishes a London edition giving weekly details of the available programmes.


WEMBLEY STUDIOS, Wembley Park, Middlesex (WEM 8811). Senior Engineer: George Sherman. Studio 1: 80′ × 55′ (4,400 sq. ft.); Studio 2: 80′ × 41′ (3,280 sq. ft.); Studio 4: 74′ × 42′ (3,108 sq. ft.); Studio 5: 140′ × 100′ (14,000 sq. ft.); Studio 5a: 100′ × 67′ (6,700 sq. ft.); Studio 5b 100′ × 67′ (6,700 sq. ft.). Technical Facilities 4,928 sq. ft.; Maintenance Workshops 12,152 sq. ft.; Restaurant 2,826 sq. ft.; Property Store 7,488 sq. ft.; Scenery Bay 6,912 sq. ft.; Dressing Room and Make-up 7,000 sq. ft.; Car Park 12,800 sq. ft.; VTR: 4 Ampex Machines; Telecine: 1 RCA Vidicon; 1 Cintel Flying Spot; 2 EMI Flying Spot.

TELEVISION HOUSE STUDIOS. Studio 7: 33′ × 24′ (702 sq. ft.); Studio 8: 38′ × 25′ (950 sq. ft.); Studio 9: 64′ × 40′ (2,416 sq. ft.); Studio 10: 26′ × 12′ (312 sq. ft.). Master Control 900 sq. ft.; Maintenance Workshop 1,150 sq. ft.; VTR 2 Ampex machines, 320 sq. ft.; T/C, 2 Cintel, 1 RCA Vidicon, 1 EMI Flying Spot, 1,150 sq. ft.; Six Rehearsal Rooms 7,500 sq. ft.; Three Projector Theatres; Fifteen Film Cutting Rooms; 1 Dubbing Theatre.

Outside Broadcasts

Associated-Rediffusion has three mobile control rooms each with four cameras.


Drama: regular contributions to Television Playhouse and Play of the Week; No Hiding Place; Tales of Mystery; Boyd QC; It Happened Like This; Crane; Somerset Maugham Hour; When the Kissing Had to Stop; Electra. Features: This Week; Decision; Here and Now; Collector’s Piece; Challenge to the Editor; Looking Abroad With Brian Connell; Insight; Bridgehead; The ABC of Democracy; Birth; Watch on the Mekong; Article 237; and the Intertel exchange programmes. Light Entertainment: Dickie Henderson Show; Double Your Money; Take Your Pick; Close Up; Hippodrome; Kingsley Amis Goes Pop; Dan Farson Meets… Schools: The World Around Us; Notre Ville; Story Box; Romeo and Juliet; Science and Understanding; Theatres and Temples (The Greeks). Children: Tuesday Rendezvous; Small Time; Badger’s Bend; Animal Care; and several plays and light musical programmes in the Summer. Religion: Epilogues; Laudes Evangelii; Black Nativity. Sport: horse-racing, football, tennis, boxing, swimming, etc. Entertainment Films: many feature films and filmed television series.


The company was a founder member of Intertel, the International Television Federation, whose other members are the Australian Broadcasting Commission; the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; National Educational Television and Radio Center, USA; and Westinghouse Broadcasting Co. Inc., USA. A first series of twelve television documentaries has been completed and a further series is planned. Available programmes include The Quiet War, The Heartbeat of France, Postscript to Empire, Living with a Giant, America Abroad, 40 Million Shoes, Unfinished Revolution.