Independent Television Authority

Sir John Carmichael, K.B.E., ACTING CHAIRMAN
Dame Anne Bryans, D.B.E.
Sir Sidney Caine, K.C.M.G.
Mr. A. C. Cropper, T.D., J.P., D.L.
Mr. J. Alban Davies, J.P.
Mrs Isabel Graham-Bryce
Sir Lucius O’Brien
Professor D. Talbot Rice, M.B.E.
Lord Williamson of Eccleston, C.B.E.

Professor Talbot Rice, Mr. Alban Davies and Sir Lucius O’Brien make the interests of Scotland, of Wales and Monmouthshire, and of Northern Ireland respectively their special care.


Headquarters: 70 Brompton Road, London S.W.3. Knightsbridge 7011

Scotland: 147 West Regent Street, Glasgow C.2. Glasgow City 3130

Wales and the West: Arlbee House, Greyfriars Place, Greyfriars Road, Cardiff. Cardiff 28759

Northern Ireland: 5 Donegal Square South, Belfast. Belfast 30818

The South: 30 Portland Street, Southampton. Southampton 29115

North-East: 32-4 Mosley Street, Newcastle-upom-Tyne. Newcastle 61-0148

East Anglia: Century Insurance Building, 24 Castle Meadow, Norwich. Norwich 23533

South-West: Royal London House, Armada Way, Plymouth. Plymouth 63031

The North: Astley House, Quay Street, Manchester 3. Manchester Blackfriars 2707

The Borders: 4 Victoria Place, Carlisle. Carlisle 25004 (9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.)

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The Independent Television Areas at the beginning of 1963 include 96 per cent of the population. The shaded areas are within the “fringe” contours of the Authority’s 22 transmitters (¼ Mv/m). There is, in addition, much satisfactory viewing in the white areas, and in fact it is only in the extreme north and north-west of Scotland and the mountainous centre of Wales that there is no effective provision. The darker shading shows the areas within reach of more than one ITA transmitter.

ITV 1963

A comprehensive guide for the 40 million viewers of Independent Television.



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