itv1963front 1

The Independent Television Areas at the beginning of 1963 include 96 per cent of the population. The shaded areas are within the “fringe” contours of the Authority’s 22 transmitters (¼ Mv/m). There is, in addition, much satisfactory viewing in the white areas, and in fact it is only in the extreme north and north-west of Scotland and the mountainous centre of Wales that there is no effective provision. The darker shading shows the areas within reach of more than one ITA transmitter.

Transmitting Stations

The following pages describe the coverage areas of the ITA’s transmitters, the varied problems which the Authority’s engineering staff have had to overcome in bringing Independent Television to each area of the country, and the technical details of the stations. The maps show the reception which should be available from each transmitter, on the following definitions:


Within 2mV/m median contour

Where most viewers unless they are situated in particularly unfavourable positions should receive a consistently satisfactory service.



Within ½mV/m median contour

Where a substantial proportion of viewers should receive a satisfactory service, but in a few unfavourably situated places reception may be poor.



Within ¼mV/m median contour

Where acceptable reception should be secured in many locations, although this service may be subject to some interference from time to time. Some viewers living in favourable positions outside the Fringe Area may also receive a satisfactory service.